by Anora Cotton October 03, 2016

 Lets ask Stacey from The Simple moms! Often we want to change up our living spaces to add some color, bring some new life into each space. Redecorating rooms brings in new energy and helps us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside every time we step into it. But how do we do that without breaking the bank? Stacey had the same dilemma. Here are some of her thoughts: Lately I’ve noticed that I have been feeling really blah about our bedroom decor. "Normally this is when I would bust out the painting gear and make a trip to the hardware store for some fun new paint color. My husband has learned to cringe when he sees the paintbrushes and paint swatches sitting on the table."

To learn what alternative she chose to painting and how anora cotton helped with her redesign, read her beautiful post on our cotton goody from Sustain Collection.

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Anora Cotton
Anora Cotton