by Anora Cotton September 28, 2016

At Anora Cotton, we believe one of Life’s luxuries is being surrounded by everything natural. That is why we work mainly with Cotton. We don't want to compromise on the design while we are it.

Check out Connie's thoughts on our best selling quilt from Heirloom Collection here

Here's a little sneak peak from her post: "The print is beautiful, and the hand-stitching is a fabulous touch. It’s reversible with a tiny print on one side and a more open print on the other. The hand blocked border and coordinating fabric are perfect for a country cottage look and as a bonus, the pattern matches my Lands’ End striped sheets beautifully.  It feels luxurious, and we love using it to wrap up on the couch or to throw over ourselves when were sitting out late at night on the patio."

If you are chemically sensitive or just want to surround yourself with healthy fabrics, Anora Cotton will enhance your wellbeing and help you live a healthier life.

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Anora Cotton
Anora Cotton