Our Care Guide

Cotton is a durable fabric that can be machine washed and dried with no side effects. Here are some helpful tips.



  • Machine wash our bedding in warm water, normal wash cycle, regular detergent. 
  • Use half the amount of recommended detergent and run them through an extra rinse cycle to remove the detergent residue and keep the bedding soft and fluffy. 
  • Allow for the detergent to dissolve before loading your bedding into the washer.
  • Wash similar colors and fabrics together
  • using a silicone based fabric softener (either liquid or sheet); they act as a water repellant and will diminish the absorbency of the fabrics.
  • washing bedding with towels and clothing to avoid lint accumulation and abrasion due to hooks and zippers

Our bedding will get softer with each wash, so continue to enjoy the plush comfort.


  • Line dry or Tumble dry on low heat setting. Overheating not only reduces the softness but also causes the colors to fade. 
  • Load the dryer to half its capacity to allow the bedding to fluff up. This is essential to prevent twisted and unevenly dried bedding. 
  • In order to avoid wrinkles, take them out immediately as soon as the dryer finishes or if you are planning on covering the bed right away, take the bedding out when it is slightly damp and you can let it air dry. 
  • Reduce static by using woolen balls to the dryer. Add your favorite essential oils to the woolen balls to enjoy some soothing scents
  • using a silicone based fabric softener (either liquid or sheet); they act as a water repellent and will diminish the absorbency of the fabrics.


  • Cotton bedding can shrink and wrinkle easily. Use a hot iron to remove wrinkles. Adding a spray starch will revive the crispness of cotton fabrics. 
  • Always avoid using bleaching agents and fabric softeners 
  • As a rule of thumb, Bedding that comes in contact with your skin needs to washed every 7-10 days 
  • Decorative bedding that doesn’t come in contact with your skin can be cleaned every 2-3 months.


  • Cotton is a breathable fabric and should never be stored in closed boxes without proper ventilation, either plastic or cardboard. 
  • For best results, fold them when they are washed and completely dry and store them on a shelf in your linen closet 
  • You can also wrap the bedding in a single layer of soft linen fabric from your local fabric store.


For best results, hang them outside on a warm day and or use the dryer on air fluff with no heat. Spot clean minor spills and stains. If absolutely necessary, resort to dry cleaning. Please keep in mind that the chemicals used in dry cleaning process can damage the quilts and reduce their lifespan. Domestic washer and dryers may be too small to accommodate these quilts comfortably. Presence of agitators, along with tugging and pulling of the quilts from the washer can wreak havoc on the bedding.