Our Foundation



We believe one of Life’s luxuries is being surrounded by everything natural. We work with the best artisans to make the most comfortable bedding with the finest cotton available. Our bedding is incredibly soft to touch, and extremely durable. The colors are so vibrant that they instantly add a twinkle to any room in your home.



Why pay for fancy storefronts and marketing teams when you don’t have to. We are extremely value driven here at Anora Cotton. We work directly with top notch manufacturers and set up the most lean and efficient supply chain. End result, lush home décor for a steal!



We love simple here! Life can get chaotic as it is, why make home décor complicated? Our site is pretty easy to navigate. We are always around to answer questions. In fact, we love getting them. We are always on the hunt for new designs. So, if you don’t see something you like, just send us a note


Staying true to the culture

Our artisans work in close family structures where the art has been passed from generation to generation and there is a great pride in the work. We never try to change that. We love what they make and we make sure we bring the best to you.